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Jan 14

They may be tiny, but as any parent will tell you, babies tend to accumulate quite a bit! From newborn essentials to an array of adorable outfits to tons of toys, little ones can have a lot in their rooms. The trick to maintaining a clutter-free kid’s room is proper storage. To help you keep the chaos to a minimum in such a sweet space, we’ve got 4 smart and simple organization tips:

1) Repeated Baskets Hide Toys & Looks Pretty

Use baskets to store linens, cloth diapers, plush toys, and more. Not only are they a practical storage solution, but they can also bring a neutral and natural look into an otherwise busy space. You can place baskets of varying sizes on shelves, use them in closets, or simply keep them right on the floor.

We love the idea of creating a cohesive aesthetic and big style impact by repeating the same woven basket (like Studio McGee did above) on a shelving unit that hides all the toys.

2) A Rolling Cart puts the essentials close at hand, anywhere

A rolling cart is a clever way to store everything from diapers to clothing to toiletries. Its functionality will transition right along with your little one, serving first as a supply station for diaper changes. Keep creams, wipes, and diapers close at hand next to the changing table. As your little love goes from easy infant to active toddler, a rolling cart can be the perfect place to store arts and crafts materials. See exactly how Wendy Coreen assembled this one.

3) A Low Shelving Unit makes it easy for the littles to clean up

Low, open shelving is ideal for kid’s rooms because it allows them to have easy access to their toys and books. Once playtime is over, items can be placed right back on the shelves. Use a cube unit with a few bins or baskets where toys can be tossed in for a quick clean up. Just be sure to secure any shelving unit to the wall to prevent it from tipping over.

4) Floating Wall Shelves turns their favourite books into wall art

Go vertical and use walls for both storage and visual appeal with floating shelves. You can display books at a height that’s easy for little hands to reach, and the colorful covers can add vibrancy and charm. Small décor pieces can also be displayed, as well as toys. Floating shelves are a great way to maximize storage space in any room.

Create a comfortable and cozy nursery for your little one by using these organization tips and tricks. They’ll help you keep clutter to a minimum and give your child a great space to grow into.


Image Credits: 1) Studio McGee 2) Wendy Coreen 3) Erin Perez Hagstrom for Apartment Therapy 4) A Beautiful Mess

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Smart and Simple Room Organization Tips for Babies & Toddlers

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