It’s come to that time again. Your friends have had a baby and, even though you’ve seen it coming for nine months, you’re now stuck with a three-day window to find something to buy them before they visit. But what exactly do you buy them that isn’t baby related? You want to spoil them and say ‘congratulations and well done’ through something that isn’t babygrow related – we know. So to make sure you have this all-important present wrapped and ready, we’ve listed the 000 best presents to give a new parent.


What new mum wouldn’t love a new handbag? This bag from Apolis is a lovely little treat to give to a lady celebrating a new birth. The good thing with a gift like this is you can spend as little or as much as you like., whilst still getting something stylish that will make her feel good.

To create a momento, consider a bag with the place name of where the baby was born, or a fabric or decoration which links to the name of the newborn.

You can even go practical if you really want to – most new mums have now been opened up to a whole new world of wipe-clean surfaces and hidden spaces. Go for a bag that is fashionable and fits every need, such as a larger leather or other waterproof bag.


Along with the joy of a newborn, most parents experience a new level of stress and sleep deprivation too. If you’re looking to create a level of calm in the home, candles are the way to go. And what’s better than a year-round subscription from The Candle Library!

Alternatively, you’ll be able to personalise the gift by picking the favourite scents of the parents or even pick colours to go with the gender of the baby. With a gift of scented joy you’ll also be giving the pair an excuse to unwind when the little one is fast asleep, making it a gift with all-round benefits.


Whilst we’re on the subject of sleep, your friends will praise you for buying them a new set of bed linen to help them get a good night’s sleep, whatever that means as the parent of a newborn! These cosy sheets from Brooklinen are in a neutral colour that will encourage a calm environment in the bedroom and keep the room a place for relaxation and rest. 


New parents try to do everything all at once. It’s understandable really- they’ve got a new mouth to feed and another person to take responsibility of. Bills are going to go up and life will be busy enough without having a huge food shop every week, which is why we recommend buying a grow-your-own herb kit like this one from Flora and Fauna.

This will allow new mummies and daddies the chance to get some fresh ingredients into their meals in a really easy way and also allow for their own little project. Growing a plant is often seen as a really good method of self care, which will give the parents something to do purely for themselves.


Image Credits: 1) Apolis 2) The Candle Library 3) Brooklinen 4) Flora and Fauna

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