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Jan 14

Vegemite is a large part of Australia’s identity. Over 22 million jars are sold each year and Australians just can’t get enough. If you’re looking to give your kids a healthier, nutritious snack, vegemite should be your go-to. It’s only 11 calories per serving and is a great source of vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B9. Here’s five kids vegemite recipes to keep them satisfied and you happy.

1. Savoury cheese roll-ups

This fun lunch box snack is a lovely little novelty for your kids to get stuck into. The great part about this is its simplicity – you only need two slices of white bread per serving, ½ cup of cheese, a lick of butter and a tablespoon of vegemite to perfect this. Simply pop all the ingredients onto slices of bread and roll up into cute little wraps! It’s not only really easy for you, but your children will love finding something different in their lunch boxes.

2. Cheesymite scrolls

Another way to bring together the classic vegemite and cheese duo is in the form of cheesymite scrolls. For these you need to start off with a basic dough, rolled out to around 1cm thick. You’ll soon find that kneading dough is actually a great way to work the stress of being a mum out of your body! Butter and vegemite should then be spread over the dough with a sprinkle of cheese over the top. The dough then needs to be rolled into a long tube and cut into slices. This Australian kids snack is great for its share factor – you can get them out of the oven when the kids get home from school and dig in together while they’re still warm.

3. Vegemite ice poles

This kids vegemite snack seems a little out there and wild, but bear with us and we’ll explain everything. These ice pops combine the sweet with the sour in an aim to find the perfect heat-busting combination for your kids. You’ll need to whisk sugar, cocoa, honey, vegemite, corn flour and milk in a saucepan until it reaches a smooth mixture. Sounds crazy, but these pops are really refreshing! We recommend trying them out next time your kids aren’t happy with the heat.

4. Vegemite sticks

Once again, vegemite proves to be the best when it comes to lunch box favourites. This super easy recipe only uses three ingredients: vegemite, puffed pastry and cheese. Yes, you read right, there’s no need to start making your own pastry when you can get it pre-rolled! These sticks are fun and provide a convenient snacking option for your kids that’s healthier than a chocolate bar and will keep them fuller for longer, keeping you away from the kitchen. It’s a win-win situation!


5. Cheese and vegemite sushi sandwiches

There’s no better way to get your kids to eat good food than to get a little creative. These upgraded sandwiches use the same ingredients, they’re just rolled into little sushi style balls and wrapped in a Nori sheet. It’s a fail-safe way to encourage your kids to try new foods, whilst also educating them on more cultured foods. You never know, they might be up for real sushi soon after!

Don’t forget the bib when feeding toddlers these goodies!

Image Credits: 1) Taste AU 2) Bake Play Smile 3) Mums Pantry 4) Sophia’s Kitchen 5) Taste AU 6) Wombat & Friends Koala Bib  + Wombat & Friends Wombat Bib

get 15% off your first order!