Founded in 2017, Wombat & Friends is a family-owned company focused on celebrating the unique beauty of Australia’s wildlife and its rugged landscapes.

Our goal is to create stories and products that resonate with children and parents alike. We want to help educate children about wildlife conservation and all of the things that we love about the great southern land of Australia. We are proud to support the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, read more about our partnership. 

The Products

Our products are designed in Australia in our signature Wombat & Friends illustration style, which celebrates the nostalgia of classic Australiana children's stories. 

We use high-quality materials so they last and can bring joy to little ones for years. We also use eco-friendly materials whenever possible. Helping real outback animals thrive is important to us. The unique animals in Australia are a big part of what makes our country so special and we are thrilled to support The Australian Wildlife Conservancy with every purchase, thank you!

The Stories

Wombat & Friends are also a cute cast of characters that explore the outback, learning valuable and fun things along the way. Our curious Wombat is the main cuddly creature of the bunch, accompanied by Koala and Kangaroo too. This cute trio are always up to something exciting where they learn something along the way. Our stories let imaginations run wild.

Read along as our cast embarks on their very first adventure! Our first book will be available for purchase soon. Join the world of Wombat & Friends and keep up with the outback kids, Wombat, Koala & Kangaroo!